Mar 162011

The other week I was talking with my friend Michael about how things change when you grow up. As a child you just play around and have no worries, but then when you become an adult, you’re supposed to take responsibility to realize the life you want to live. You simply don’t have a choice; you have to.

Of course you can always refuse to do so, but that’s not gonna get you anywhere. I’m pretty sure that there’s nobody out there who wants to sit on the couch for the rest of their lives, watching tv out of dreadful boredom. Everyone wants to do something and add value to their field of expertise. I believe that we all want to realize ourselves, whether consciously or subconsciously. If you were to ask anyone how they would like to see themselves, nobody will want to be that lazy person on the couch doing nothing useful.

That makes you wonder why there are people who do that. The answer is out of fear; they’re too afraid to take steps into the unknown, or perhaps too afraid to fail. Life gets complicated when your mind does. In reality there are no complications; everything happens as things are constantly changing. You just have to change with it. So hold that thought for a moment, because I’ll be getting back to that.

What I find so beautiful about the fact that you don’t really have a choice but to take responsibility and realize your life, is that it pushes you towards a fulfilling experience of yourself and your human existence. The fact of matter is that you exist as a human being over a certain period of time, so you might as well make the best of it – no wait – you HAVE to make the best of it; there’s no choice.

If you could choose between love and fear, what would you do? It’s the same principle, and all it takes is to raise your awareness to be able to identify love and fear. A quote comes to my mind from my Art of Living days: “Enlightened people don’t have choices”. It means that when you understand what is going on, there is no choice left to make; you know what’s the right thing to do and so you do that.

Having no choice but to take responsibility for yourself is a blessing for your personal growth, because that is what life is about; learning and sharing. To realize yourself is to inspire others and make the world a better place in the process. I believe that we all have our own missions to accomplish and lessons to learn. I see my human experience as vital part in developing my soul. In the same way that you can’t skip lessons in life, you also can’t skip lessons as a soul being.

And there are plenty of things to learn. Sometimes I watch this show on tv which is about succcessful businessmen who are sharing their way of thinking. I find it most enlightening to listen to that, and I really think that those things should be taught at school. As you grow up there is nobody who tells you how to live your life, and it gets all the more complicated as you age. I’ve been there and I know all about it. I would lie if I say that life still doesn’t get complicated at times, but that’s just something to accept. If you want to change a situation, you have to accept the perseverance of that situation.

It reminds me of one of my best friends, Tom, who is a great source of inspiration to me, when he tells me about how he does things, and when I observe how he handles situations. Because lately everything is working for him, and he would say that he’s just waiting for the time when everything will fall apart, because nothing lasts forever.  And that it’s exactly that attitude of not clinging to things that are meant to change, that keeps his flow going.

When I observe him I see that he is faced with problems like anyone else, but as soon as a problem appears he’ll be working on the solution until it’s solved. It’s this rapid mind switching that keeps this flow alive, because if there’s anything that kills flow, it’s got to be that stubborn mind. I myself have a very stubborn mind, and as much as it can be my greatest strength, it can also be my greatest weakness.

And that’s why you’re alive: To take responsibility to turn your weaknesses into strengths; to conquer fear, and realize yourself. There is no choice, be happy about it. That’s why life is simple.

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