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The art of healing comes from nature and not from the physician. Therefore, the physician must start from nature with an open mind. ~ Paracelsus

legalize natural drugs

For thousands of years, people have used natural drugs to heal, enhance performance, and relieve pain. The costs and risks are low compared to chemical and synthetic drugs, which is the thriving business model of the pharmaceutical industry. Natural substances cannot be patented, so there is no money to be made from them. However, legalization of natural drugs would boost small businesses, put an end to the costly enforcing of old-fashioned laws, and benefit the public health.

Natural drugs as medicine

Drugs are substances that alter the bodily functions. This includes caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine; each of which are drugs that are commonly accepted in society. Especially the last two are very damaging and cause way more harm than a substance like cannabis. In fact, cannabinoids have been used in ancient herbalist schools for curing various illnesses. Nowadays scientists are becoming increasingly aware of the powerful medicinal properties of cannabinoids which can even be applied to cure aggressive diseases like cancer.

Marijuana may be the most popular drug that’s finally starting to get the attention it deserves, but there are many other natural drugs that should get legalized. The infamous ‘magic’ mushrooms for example contain psilocybin, which actually grows brain cells and helps dealing with psychological problems. In a world were depression is a common mental disease there is a strong case to be made for the medicinal use of psilocybin. It’s also a very potent cure against cluster headaches - one of the most painful afflictions known to man.

But the coca plant also has medicinal qualities. The indigenous tribes of the Andes have used the coca plant as medicine for thousands of years. It’s not the same as cocaine, which is the result of chemical processing of the coca plant; it turns a medicinal natural drug into a dangerous and harmful substance. Similarly, opium poppy is also a plant with many healing properties. Are you beginning to see a pattern here? It seems that drugs in their natural forms, as plants, provide many health benefits. Harmful drugs are merely the result of expensive chemical processing, in which specific compounds are isolated from the natural substance.

Legalization has multiple benefits

Legalizing natural drugs has many benefits. From an economical perspective, legal substances can be regulated and taxed. This means a high quality product for the people, growth of small businesses, and more funds to the national treasury. In the current situation this business is in the hands of criminals, who do not care about the dangers of bad product, and who are responsible for much of the violence in the streets. Additionally, getting drugs from an illegal dealer also gives one access to more dangerous substances.

Another bad side effect is that people try to mimic the effects of illegal drugs by using household materials to create chemical drugs. These synthetic drugs are much more dangerous than their natural counterparts, and are the cause of many drug related deaths. It’s virtually impossible to ban those substances, because they’re made from household materials, and there are many different recipes. Legalizing natural drugs takes away the incentive for people to use synthetic drugs.

The truth is that according to our democratic principles, cannabis should have already been legalized. A liberal policy regarding marijuana is widely supported, especially amongst young and middle-aged people. Many drug users are put to jail for a long time. It’s simply not right to put those rather innocent people in the same category as hardened criminals. But even those who don’t use drugs are victimized by the loss of their loved ones through drug violence or prison sentences.

The ugly truth

The only people who do not benefit from legalization are drug cartels, crooked officials, and of course, the pharmaceutical industry. Together they form a conspiracy as shown in this fragment of the documentary The Ring of Power. They create the context for massive drug abuse, violence, and huge private profits. The lines between the political establishment and criminal underworld start to blur when looking into drug trafficking. There are also sources suggesting that the CIA has been involved in the smuggling of cocaine.

Then there are the pharmaceutical lobbies that bribe officials and have their own people running institutions like the FDA. They make sure that their own drugs are approved, backed by phony studies, while making it harder for alternative medicine to reach the shelves of stores. They’ll even make up mental conditions in order to treat millions of people (including children) with drugs that are barely tested and come with horrible side-effects, which even cause deaths! And since those pills aren’t made to heal, people end up taking those drugs until the end of their lives; scammed to be a life-long customer of poisonous substances.

It’s not easy to find reliable research regarding pharmaceuticals, but one only needs common sense to see that something clearly isn’t right about the massive prescription of drugs. The industry is profiting big time, and it’s obvious that it’s not improving public health in the least. The only certainty you have with those drugs is that you’ll spend a lot of money on them, they won’t heal you, and you’ll suffer from side-effects.

Watch the documentary Run From The Cure about the cheap and powerful hemp oil that has served many. The only reason why this is not common knowledge is because it would kill big pharma, perhaps the most aggressive disease in modern society.

In conclusion

Natural drugs have been used for thousands of years as medicine. Plants that are provided to us by mother nature, free from the expenses of chemical processing and without harmful side-effects. The legalization of drugs would improve the small economy and the public health. Granted, some wealthy crooks would lose money, but is that something we should care about, after being scammed for decades into buying their expensive and poisonous drugs?

I believe that there is a natural remedy for every disease; remedies that don’t just suppress symptoms, but actually heal you. I would advice to always do your own research before turning to the malevolent pharmaceutical industry to find cures for your illnesses, if you’re even ill to begin with.

How do you feel about (natural) drugs?

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