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The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. ~ Albert Einstein


In order to find our purpose and fulfilment in life we have to reconnect to the source where we came from. I say reconnect because most people have forgotten what this source is or how to find it. However, I’m pretty sure that everyone has experienced their source, or true nature, on multiple occasions. What we are will inevitably shine through one way or another, like sunrays piercing through a thick layer of clouds.

Experiencing the Self

What I refer to as the source is basically the deepest and most profound part of your existence. Many spiritual schools call this ‘the Self’, which can be felt and experienced in indefinite many ways. Some people experience it through music, others through love-making, yoga or meditation. They’re just examples, but all of them have in common that they connect us to a profound part of ourselves. This part is the Self or the source, which is silent and serene, empty yet also full. It’s the core of our existence and fuels our purpose.

By connecting to our deepest core on a frequent basis a new kind of relationship will start to manifest. It’s not just the relationship with yourself, but it also determines your relationships with others. If this relationship is superficial then the connection with your environment in general will reflect that. As we deepen the bond with ourselves we also get a more profound understanding of those around us. Eventually we’ll start to attract those who serve our deepest purpose and vice versa.

Be your own master

It’s important to realize that the true source can only be accessed from within. You cannot depend on someone else to connect you to the source, because this can only truly happen on an individual level. Don’t take it religiously, but it’s something between you and God. Others can help, inspire and stimulate you in your journey, but nobody can walk your shoes. Nobody is going to get enlightened by following a guru, even though it may still be beneficial to do so if that’s what feels right to you. However, if you seek absolute truth you’ll have to follow your own heart.

In the modern society we’re distracted from our inner being. There are few people who really design their lives according to their deepest purpose and desire, because most people don’t even know what that entails, while others are simply too afraid to give up their easy and comfortable yet unfulfilling lives. Through the many institutes designed to indoctrinate innocent little children with false ideas about fear and judgment we learn to be obedient and comply with whatever is pushed down our throats. Without the ability to criticize and relativate the kids quickly fall prey to a system that is not designed to make them happy. And often they lose their spirit just like their parents.

Of course nobody truly wants this, because it doesn’t give us the fulfilment that life has to offer. I was so bored in school that I started smoking weed because I just didn’t know what else to do. The only thing I liked about school was seeing my friends, but that’s pretty much it. I did have the pleasure of having a few good teachers, but that credit goes to their personality rather than the dreadful books they made us study. Years later I can say that I learned a lot more from exploring the world and rediscovering myself.

Pick your own teachers

Just because I’m my own master doesn’t mean that I know best. The only thing I know best is my own heart, but that’s where it ends. Learning from those who inspire you is fundamental in walking your own path. There’s a reason that their energy resonates so well with you. Being your own master is not the same as being a know-it-all. In fact, it’s better to recognize that we know next to nothing lest we don’t get stuck in the misery of ignorance. In the end life is about learning and sharing. Receive with an open heart and pass it on with love.

By standing together in our own power with our individual talents we can begin to reshape the world. Connecting to ourselves also means connecting to the Earth. Our Earth is a massive ball of heat that’s covered by a thin crust of rock. Imagine that the crust is your outside; slowly changing and relatively calm on the surface level. But underneath is the stirring and brewing magma; a vast and powerful yet formless mass of energy just waiting to erupt and manifest. That energy is what created the tallest peaks of the highest mountains and the unimaginable depths of the biggest oceans.

What do you do to reconnect to the source within? Please comment and share!

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  1. I am glad to see a website like this. It seems to me that many of the issues around finding the self and fighting against a culture that doesn’t support real knowledge of the self is a very real problem for many people. It always amazes me how little it seems to be talked about, and yet it has such a large impact in many of our lives. I guess the issue that I find most compelling is how do we change the tide of our society from the false self to the true self, or from inauthentic living to authentic living? From living out of fear and unconsciousness, to living out of love and intentionality. I think so many of the problems that people are dealing with, whether it’s addictions, depression, unhealthy relationships, etc., can often be about this very issue. It is remarkable to me that we are still so close minded in this society to the power and importance of belief and values. It’s seems like many institutions and people today want to see the individual as purely scientific or graspable by pure reasoning, when the truth is that in order to become our true selves, we have to get in touch with our whole being–emotions, beliefs, values, It’s remarkable to me, but I think we actually have to teach ourselves how to be human again. So many of us have so fully intellectualized our experience that we don’t see our being anymore. Our mind is meant to serve our spirit, or being–not vice versa. It seems to me that we love the mind in this culture and yet the mind is not where our freedom and peace lies. Our freedom and peace will come from our active acknowledgment and active actualization of our being. Being is beyond the mind and holds everything else. We are spiritual beings, not mental beings. Experiencing ourselves as spirit is a lot different than thinking of ourselves as spirit. We need to teach ourselves to become present, feel ourselves, and allow ourselves to free ourselves from the imbalance that’s caused by a lack of acknowledgment of being. Being is not liked in our culture because it’s not easy to quantify and therefore the mind and ego cannot get ahold of it. And yet, it is more real than the mind. It is through identification with being rather than mind that people will find peace again. But this process is difficult because we have to fight the ego and the habitual mind. Nature, running and yoga help me in this process. I wish everyone well on this journey. May we work for the human race until it’s worthy of not only the word race, but human as well:).
    Thanks for the website.

    • Hey Sher,

      I totally agree with you.

      The way I see it, it’s the system that causes a lot of stress that keeps us from relaxing into ourselves. Meditation is definitely a great aid in understanding this, but the system needs to change in order to create a different kind of society. The rat race, or money scheme, plays a major part in the misery of today. By design we’re kept from our spiritual experience by trapping us in a space of fear and anxiety. There are those who are simply sleeping and going about their life as robots, but also those who have a dream, but are constantly struggling to manifest it because the bills have to be paid.

      Fortunately there are ways to get out of this system, or at least become less dependent on it. For example, one of my friends is building an ecological house, which not only supports the environment, but also grants him a measure of independence over the big energy corporations. Similarly, you can do the same with food by starting a little garden.

      Recently I started a business without any risk or investment that’s going to grant me financial independence some years from now. I’ll be sure to write about this amazing opportunity in the near future!

      Thanks for your comment and good luck on your journey; it seems to me that you’re on the right path.

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