Feb 182013

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

dancing is awesome

Dancing is done everywhere around the globe. Every culture has its own dance styles and the spectrum of movement is always evolving. Dancing can be done professionally, but first and foremost it’s the expression of the soul through the body. If you’re not too familiar with dancing, I’ll give you a few reasons why to pick it up.

1. Fitness

A lot of people don’t like gyms; they don’t see the point in repeating the same mindless movements over and over. They see it more like a chore than anything else and don’t enjoy doing it. Dancing on the other hand is a great way to get strong, flexible and in shape while you’re engaged in learning something amazingly beautiful. It’s much easier to motivate yourself for something you can enjoy.

2. Finesse

What I personally appreciate a lot about dancers is that they have such a fine control over their body. The grace with which they move is a delight to watch. I can easily get lost while watching a dancer, especially when they put their heart and soul into it. I like having balance and being able to control my movement. By dancing you engage muscles that you would otherwise never train.

3. Expression

Some people may be more artistic than others, but everyone has a basic desire to express themself. Dancing is a great way to fulfil this desire, because it’s very complete. You also see public speakers walking around on stage using the space to empower their story. Your body tells the real story, so allow yourself to break through confinement in order to find freedom in expression.

4. Bonding

You can dance alone, but it becomes something more when it’s done together. Dancing is a great way to communicate with each other; it’s dynamic, spontanious, sincere and intimate. You can teach each other and share new experiences together. When you dance with someone you connect on a much deeper level than with casual conversation. You’ll see things that might otherwise not have been revealed.

5. Sex appeal

People who dance have sex appeal. They have a certain kind of confidence about them and they’re comfortable with themselves. They know how to move their body and it looks good. Female dancers become graceful goddesses, while men are more like smooth criminals. Most girls I know really appreciate a man who can dance. Similarly, women who dance well are a big turn on for me.

6. Brain function

Be both the beauty and the brains! Dancing has been proven to improve brain function, because it challenges your brain with intricate movement. This forms many new pathways between neurons, and literally trains your brain in making connections faster. Dancing even reduces your chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. So even when you’re a bit older, dancing is a great hobby to pick up on. There are many styles to accommodate your taste.

Last but not least…

Dancing is fun! Anyone can do it, although it’s easier to get into when you’re young. Enjoy your own body and learn through practice. Get a mirror to become aware of your movement. Join a dance group or take classes to meet people who share the same passion. Just to round it off I have a beautiful video for you to watch and get inspired.

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