Jul 182011

Recently I went on a short holiday through a part of Eastern Europe. At the time of this writing I’m actually sitting inside a bar in Prague. This trip was a result of pure spontaneity, and so far the experience has been amazing, even though I’ve only been on the road for about a week.

It all started when I wanted to visit a friend of mine in Slovenia. Since my girlfriend’s brother came to visit me in Amsterdam I figured I could go back with him to Zagreb and get off around Ljubljana. Because of some miscommunication I couldn’t see her, so I decided to go on a little adventure instead. I had never traveled all by myself so I was very excited about this new experience, and I have to say that already so far it’s been one of the best things I’ve done in my life.

I started in Zagreb and hitched my way to Budapest; quite a pearl of a city. There’s a young and vibrant energy which makes for an awesome atmosphere, and the architecture and layout of the city is just beautiful. As soon as you enter the city you feel it, and that’s the feeling I love; feeling right at home. Everything is  quite cheap and all the places and sights in the city center are a walking distance away. The people at the youth hostels are very helpful and friendly, and in no time I had myself a bed for the night.

It didn’t take long for me to make my first new friends; Ike from the USA and Noah from the UK. Over the course of several days we spent quite some time together and it was very nice to be in their company while enjoying a beer and visiting some clubs. I found it interesting how easy it was to meet people, because normally when you travel with friends or family your attention is focused more inward than outward. However, when traveling alone you become one with the environment around you and just start attracting what is there.

It might be interesting to read my other article about the laws of attraction before you read on, because that is actually the general idea of what I’ve been doing during my trip so far; you manifest yourself as you want to be and the rest happens automatically as long as you keep an open mind and stay sharp to engage in opportunities to meet new people. Often you find yourself drawn to these people somehow, and when you start a conversation you soon find out that you actually have a lot in common. This intuitive knowing is very interesting once you become more sensitive to this phenomenon.

At the same time I’ve been reading my new latest purchase, called ‘Mastering your hidden selfBy Serge Kahili King. It’s a very interesting book that explains a thousands year old philosophy and practice from Hawaii which is about making a more intimate connection with the different aspects of the mind, namely the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious mind. But that’s a subject of its own on which I will elaborate soon enough in an upcoming article.

The reason I mention it is because I’m starting to establish a deeper connection with these parts of myself which makes the trip all the more interesting. I’ve met so many wonderful people who are all vibrating on my level that it can’t be a coincidence anymore. Nowadays I can sense by a single look in the eyes if there’s chemistry or not. You only need to notice them and then take action to get involved.

Especially in Bratislava I had an amazing experience with such a person, a girl named Viola. I saw her sitting in a park which happened to be on my path and immediately felt an urge to go and talk to her. Before I knew it hours had passed and we were drinking beers while talking about all kinds of different subjects, from music and relationships to spirituality and philosophy. I felt so enchanted in the moment that when I came to the hostel later that night after we had parted ways I still felt like I was in some kind of dream.

The above experience was definitely the most intense one, but I’ve met many people in Budapest, Bratislava, and Prague that I had a special bond with. I’m sure that if I had not traveled by myself it wouldn’t have happened in this kind of fashion, and therefore I believe that traveling by yourself can be a very eye-opening experience. At least it has been for me, and I’m really happy that I finally did it. The trip is not yet over, because tomorrow I’ll be hitching to Krakow where I’ll be staying for a few days before I return home.

I’ve only been away for a week but it feels like a month; it’s just that many impressions. When you are by yourself you get a very clear idea of what you attract and therefore also who you are. This whole adventure definitely has been like a confirmation to me that I’m on the right path, and everywhere I went people were smiling and happy. Sometimes I feel like some kind of Buddha who is roaming the world like a pilgrim for the meaning of his own life, and sharing his wisdom with others in the process.

Of course there’s also a lot of beautiful women involved that I’ve been going out with to spice it up, and the result is an amazing life experience. The best is when you surprise yourself in a positive way. Like in this one instance that I saw a girl crying in Budapest and decided to talk to her just to make her feel better. I wasn’t looking for anything but to share compassion, and when I left a few minutes later to continue on my way her tears were gone, and therefore my mission was a success. It’s these small things that really give life meaning and purpose.

Traveling by yourself is a healing and purifying experience, and the relationships you build of among the strongest and most genuine ones you’ll have in your life. You meet interesting people everywhere that you share something with, and you expand your world greatly. If you are the kind of person who’s ready for this kind of adventure, then don’t hestitate to go out there! It will inspire you greatly, and you’ll come back home as a different person, having taken yet another step towards the realization of your true self.

I would say this is the opposite but also equivalent of meditation, because you basically do the same thing, just that you turn all your attention outside instead of inside. Either way you completely get absorbed in the moment, and when you are in that flow then everything that happens is good and will lead to more goodness. In that state you can’t really do anything wrong, and I guess one of the keys of living a rich, happy, and fulfilling life is to stay in touch with yourself to cultivate this feeling of cosmic flow within yourself.

So go out there and make it happen! If you want to learn more about the cities I visited I suggest you check wikipedia. My message is that you can feel at home anywhere when you feel right in place of who you are. And a very good way to learn this is by traveling by yourself; be who you want to be and share it with the world.